A couple of weeks ago I was having a poke around the Superdenim forum. I am not so keen on the Superfuture forums, simply because they are so huge. It is a bit of a pain to find your way about and locate the information you are after. However even if, like me, you only spend a really sort time on the Superdenim forum you cant help but notice a poster called Beatle. She has been busy with the denim scene for a while. She organizes the Heavyweight Denim world Championship alongside Megatron, another well known name on the forums. Anyway, she knows a whole lot about denim to say the least.

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Someone very close to me wrote something wonderful yesterday and I feel compelled to share it.


This week’s Writing Challenge consists of writing a post based on the following picture:

I may be hard, dirty and “cobbly” but this does not mean that the world around me does not interest me. It is quite the opposite: I love observing what happens out there! You may think that being stuck to the ground by some concrete and sharing a path with thousands of others of my kind is a boring life to lead but there is always something happening.

People step on me all the time. I am used to it. But sometimes, when I do not like someone’s behavior, I take revenge and make them slip and fall down the steps. Once there was this tourist who spat his tasteless pinkish bubble gum on me and I ensured that he twisted his ankle.

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One of the major motivations behind starting this Blog was to give a platform to the 1000 Rules Project. However, I have been a little under the weather lately and the project took a small hiatus. However with the return of my health I would like to announce that the project is up and running again and is looking for contributors.

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