Warp and Weft Documentary – A Snapshot of Denim in the United States.

A year or so ago I came across a post on RawrDenim about a documentary project which would take a close look at the Raw Denim culture in the USA.

At that time they had just finished raising the funds they needed to take the project to completion with the Kickstarter site.

The project comes from three film makers Devin Leisher, Mehdi Ahmadi, and Anders Helseth who all share the passion for Raw Denim and have an interest in trying to ascertain what exactly it is that brings people from all walks of life together through this particular subject. They travel all over the US bringing together interviews from very recognisable names such as Lynne Downey, Jimmy Crow, Gordon Heffner, Kiya Babzani and Roy Slaper. You get a fascinating overview of the emergence of Japanese brands in the US with Kiya Babzani from Self Edge. As well as incites from Denimheads as to what the rather indefinable attraction of Raw Denim really is. It also talks to relative newcomers to the industry and ask what inspired them to make a foray into the world of jeans and denim.

All in all is it a fascinating and very well executed documentary. It is available for purchase on Blu-Ray, DVD or as a download here.


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